Hello from Ireland!

Welcome to my blog! I’m very happy that you are here! You will find a wee bit of information about what I’m doing, where I’m playing, and my newest music. All here on my blog! You can leave me a comment, or message, or just follow my steps as I play music around the world!
– Eunan McIntyre

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Eunan Mc Intyre Tour Of 2015

Hi Folks ,I just arrived home from my 5th  Tour of the US, I had an amazing experience and I feel it has been the most successful Tour so far,I met a lot people and enjoyed sharing my music and songs with fans, young and old  from all over Indiana.I really enjoyed meeting and playing with musicians and friends ,from Bloomington ,Nashviille ,Frenchlick,Rushville,Indianapollis and all over Indiana.I really enjoyed sharing stages with the one and only Jeff Foster an amazing guitarist who helps bring my music and songs to a different level,also Holly Garret’s amazing fiddle playing and beautiful singing, one of the highlights was playing our new song ,Little Daughter Of Mine ,for the First time ,The words were written by Holly’s Mother and I wrote some music to go with the words,it was a special moment playing this together with Holly  in The Arts Garden. Playing For the Kids in Schools all over Indy has to be one of the highlights,The reaction of the kids is something else ,just to see the smiles on their faces and hear them singing the chorus’s and clapping hands,these are memories that will always have a place in my heart The other gigs that stood out for me were the sold out concert in the Cabin and Concerts in New Harmony and Paoli, Marian University Theatre,The Arts Garden,the Greening of the Canal and playing before The St Patricks Parade ,down Town. The Pub Gigs were great loved playing to packed venues ,in Golden Ace ,Manleys Irish Mutt and OGara’s  in Beach Grove ,also 9 Irish Brothers in Laviette and Indianapolis ,The Ri-Ra in Evansville ,and last but not least always enjoy playing for those good people in Rushville .Playing in the Gaslight was a great way to finish of the Tour There are so many people I should thank , I am afraid to mentions names for fear I might leave someone out,I just want to thank everyone who helped in any way,All helped to organise concerts ,all the Pub owners ,all who sponsored the School Gigs ,and all those who turned out in massive numbers to support my music ,old and new friends ,I love keeping the Donegal connection alive ,there is a massive Donegal connection in Indianapolis and it is great to be apart of it and sometimes feel that we are bringing Ireland  a wee bit closer to Indy with music and Song. There is one person I have to thank from the bottom of my heart,who has made this Journey possible for me ,This man has worked tirelessly ,organising the Tour,organising visa ,and being with me every step of the way on all 5 Tours of  the US ,My Manager in US Pat Mc Nulty,has done lots of hidden work ,also Pat’s lovely wife Kathy for all her help. I want to thank my own beautiful wife Jackie for letting me follow my dream and being with me every step of the way on my musical journey .

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In Search of a Song: Eunan Mc Intyre in the US on the radio!

Eunan 3-5-13 Bluebird 9 (Large)

I’m on In Search of a Song again this year, and the show was just published today! You can hear it at http://www.insearchofasong.com  go to ‘Listen Online’.

Having a great time in the USA!

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Eunan Mc Intyre – Brown County Playhouse March 23rd 2014

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Eunan Live In Denmark

Eunan Live In Denmark Eunan Mcintyre in Denmark

No doubt that Eunan Mcintyre fascinated many Danes with his genuine performance here! It is rare to meet an artist with his skills, who is as agreeably modest, friendly and open- minded.

Personally I had the pleasure of being present at two concerts with him, and I can onely say, that the more you get to know his special kind of poetic aproach to life and music, the more you get to like it! He plays the guitar in a way, that often makes it sound allmost like a harp, other times you can sense the unmistakable rythms of the reel. Combined with a voice with many interesting facets and the ability really to bring stories to life through his very personal lyrics, it all becomes unforgetable! Letting us hear the beautiful gaelic language fortunately also is part of his repertoire.

Being in the audience you are invited to involve yourself by singing or clapping along, but many times you rather tend to close your eyes ! Several of the lyrics have very profound messages embedded, that can touch both heart and soul.

Kirsten Haslund

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Coming up in Indiana USA!

This week Rich and his daughter Julia Reardin recorded a pre-production concert with Celtica at the Brown County Playhouse. This is in advance of the concert at the same place on March 23rd, where we’ll be doing some work on the documentary. SO here’s a sneak preview of Celtica, and the Brown County Playhouse in Nashville, Indiana!

I’ll be playing a finale concert with Celtica, Jeff Foster, and Soldiers Joy (Mark LaPointe).

I’ve contributed a song to Mark LaPointe’s Soldiers Joy record (the music of the Irish Brigade in the American Civil War). So I’m really looking forward to everything we’ve got going on now! We are shooting a documentary on my life and music, focusing on modern and traditional Irish songwriting, including all these musicians. I will be telling you more about it soon!

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My Indiana Girl

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Does Anybody Know The Score?

Messing around with my IPad ,have a listen,Hope you enjoy,Eunan.

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